Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Disney Vacation Club?

The Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is a flexible timeshare program offered by Disney, where members buy points instead of a fixed week, allowing them to stay at Deluxe Disney Resorts at any time. Unlike traditional timeshares, DVC offers a point-based system providing significant flexibility and value. Members own a deeded interest with a 50-year contract, giving them the right to sell or pass down their points. DVC stands out by offering a hassle-free experience without the pressure of sales pitches, making it a preferred choice for Disney enthusiasts seeking a customizable vacation experience.

What is a Confirmed DVC Reservation Rental?

A Confirmed DVC Reservation Rental is a pre-booked stay at a Disney Deluxe Resort by a DVC member, available for anyone to rent without needing DVC membership. These fixed-date, location, and size reservations are ready for immediate booking, offering hassle-free access to Disney resorts. Changes to these confirmed bookings are typically not allowed, and cancellation policies are stricter compared to direct Disney bookings, with limited refund options. Despite these limitations, renting a confirmed DVC reservation can offer significant savings on premium Disney accommodations.

How much can I save by Renting a Confirmed DVC Reservation?

It varies by Resort, time of year, and available inventory. The majority of listings fall between a discounted range of 20% - 60% off what's called 'rack rate', which is a fancy way of saying the official Disney advertised price for the room. Many Broker sites will even display how much you're saving right on their listing pages.

There has to be a catch, right? How is it possible that these rooms are, in some cases, less expensive than Disney's Value-priced resorts?

There are 2 main drawbacks to Confirmed Reservation rentals. One is that there is no flexibility in dates what-so-ever. You can stack multiple, different reservations together to potentially extend a trip, but you cannot change the dates, resorts, room type, or anything else about them at all. Second, most Broker cancellation policies are non-existent. Once you purchase a Rental, you're locked in. You can always purchase supplmental vacation insurance, and some Brokers even offer it, but understand that once you pay for the Rental, there's almost always no going back.

What happens when I purchase a Confirmed Reservation?

The respective Broker will work with the DVC Owner of the Reservation to add your name(and any additional party members names) to it as a Guest. You will then be able to link it to your My Disney Experience account and see it on the Disney website, as well as the respective app. The process for being added to a Reservation can take a couple days or be almost immediate, depending upon the Broker's communication with the DVC Reservation Owner. Please refer to the Broker's policies for more information.

Do I get all the same benefits that a DVC Owner does by renting a Confirmed Reservation?

Because all DVC Resorts count as a Deluxe resort on Disney property, you get all of the same benefits as any other Deluxe resort guest such as Extended Evening Hours and Early Entry, but you do not get access to DVC Ownership exclusives like purchasing tickets for events such as Moonlight Magic, nor are you entitled to any DVC Owner discounts or have access to any DVC Owner lounges. Remember, you are not a DVC contract owner, but simply a guest staying at their resort.

Does a Confirmed Reservation rental include park tickets, a dining plan, Genie+, or MagicBands?

No. These rentals are purely for a stay in the respective resorts themselves and does not include anything else. In regards to MagicBands, however, once your reservation is purchased and added to your My Disney Experience account, you will be able to select your pre-arrival MagicBands just as you normally would if you were to go through Disney directly.

Why are the Room Types not more specific?

Essentially it boils down to two reasons. The first reason is that Disney has changed naming conventions and layouts of rooms in the past, leading to inconsistencies with how Broker sites list them. Second, Broker sites themselves don't always practice proper data cleaning and management techniques to maintain accuracy for their listings. In order for me to list Reservations with confidence in accuracy, I'm forced to water down the Room Types to a basic level. All of the aggregated listing info here will be as accurate as the Broker's own data allows it to be, but the final source of truth for YOU should be their specific listing pages.

Are the rental listings accurate and up to date?

They are as accurate as the various Broker sites allow them to be. Whatever information is provided by them, ends up here. The tables of reservation listings on this site are automatically updated every 10 minutes.

Why did you launch this website?

I've hunted for similar deals in the past that have led me to such reservations as a 7 Night stay at Old Key West for $71 a night and a 2 night stay in a 1 Bedroom at Boulder Ridge for $250 a night. I believe folks deserve affordable stays at all levels of Disney resorts and since the market is offering them, it's my job to collect and organize them neatly in one single marketplace.

Do you make money from this website?

I am an affiliate of some, but not all of the Brokers listed on this site. They did not reach out to me, I requested to be an affiliate on my own accord to help fund server costs. I do not promote one over the other for any reason what-so-ever. If this project has helped you plan your Disney vacation in anyway, feel free to Buy Me a Coffee here: